There is a Portal
Written & Performed by Kayhan Irani
Directed by Rania Lee Khalil
Video Art by Gazelle Samizay

"Del Beh Del Rah Dareh ... From one heart to another there is a portal."

There is a Portal is Kayhan Irani’s latest multimedia performance project which uses storytelling, humor and participatory theater to create spaces for healing and authentic dialogue. Sharing memories of the Iranian revolution and family tales of migration she offers a glimpse into personal and political cycles of displacement, violence, and finding home. She also invites the audience to tell their own stories, both during the performance and in structured post-show storytelling. Audience members weave a web of interconnected stories and histories to unearth the power and resilience of our human ties and claim a space of belonging. There is a Portal is a vehicle for authentic connection and community building.