There is a Portal
Written & Performed by Kayhan Irani
Directed by Rania Lee Khalil
Video Art by Gazelle Samizay

"Del Beh Del Rah Dareh ... From one heart to another there is a portal."

There is a Portal is Kayhan Irani’s latest multimedia performance and social justice education project which reimagines belonging, place, and human connection in a divided world. Using intimate storytelling, lush visuals and participatory theater Irani recreates and embodies her journey of displacement and the search for home in four parts: Loss, Hatred, Regret, and Closeness .Sharing memories of the Iranian revolution and ancient family tales of migration she offers a glimpse into personal and political cycles of displacement, violence, and finding home.

There is a Portal also invites the audience to tell their own stories, both during the performance and in structured post-show storytelling. Audience members weave a web of interconnected stories and histories to unearth the power of our human ties and create new definitions of belonging.

Despite xenophobic narratives and a culture of extreme fear, hatred is being met with rising desires for humanity and a shared commitment to justice. People want art that engages with political realities and art that connects us to each other.

There is a Portal is a powerful arts-based tool for change.